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Ango 2024 with Eishuku Monika Leibundgut

Arrival:Sat., July 13, between 4 and 11 p.m. Dinner will be served at 8 p.m.

Arrival Timefor the Sesshin: Wednesday, July 17.

End: Saturday, July 20, after lunch and Samu, around 3 p.m.

The Zen Dojo Zürich organises in July 2024 for the twenty-second time in a row the annual summer session (Ango) in Switzerland. This tradition goes back to Buddha Shakyamuni who used to retreat with his students to a place in nature, way off civilization, in order to concentrate on the praxis of Zazen. This was in India 2500 years ago during the mon-soon. The Ango offers the opportunity to practice Zen, the path to oneself, the Buddha path. The practice of Zen is based on Zazen, the posture of the Buddha. One sits on a round meditation cushion (Zafu), legs crossed, back straight, the chin drawn back, breathing deeply and calmly.

The summer camp goes on for seven days and is structured into three parts: a time of preparation (four days), with consecutive times of Zazen and Samu (work for the community) and activities related to Zen. Then follows a half day off and the third part consists in a Sesshin of two and half days.

On the last day of the Sesshin there will be ordinations for Bodhisattva and monk/ nun.

The Sesshin takes place right in the heart of Switzerland, in the Swiss Alps.  Mountains and forests, rivers and rocks create a deep, concentrated atmosphere, and on the day off there will be time for a hike in nature. All who are really inter-ested in the practice of Zazen are warmly invited.