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Rohatsu-Sesshin in Schwarzenegg

Godo: Eishuku Monika

"A moment can change a day,
a day can change a life
and a life can change the world."

Shakyamuni Buddha

Rohatsu literally means “the eighth day of the twelfth month”. On 8th December, the awakening of Shakyamuni Buddha is traditionally commemorated. On the morning of the eighth day of the twelfth month, Shakyamuni awoke and became
Buddha when he saw the morning star after spending several weeks sitting in Zazen. To celebrate this historic moment, Zen temples around the world hold
the Rohatsu Sesshin every year. At this intense Sesshin, there is little teaching or Samu. Everything is concentrated on Zazen. Everyone sits alone, connected in harmony with the others.
Se-Shin, Touching the Mind
The Sesshin is open to everyone. For this Sesshin it is desirable to be present from beginning to end. A Sesshin is an opportunity to practise the Buddha-Way in the Sangha and to become deeply familiar with oneself.

CHF 270.- (270.- €) for teaching, food and accommodation. Payable in advance to the Zen Dojo Zurich: IBAN: CH62 0900 0000 8002 8152 5
Zen-Dojo Zürich
8001 Zürich
Please bring along:
Zafu (firm, round meditation cushion approx. 10 cm high. Can be bought at the
sesshin in Schwarzenegg), black kimono or dark comfortable clothing, bowl with
spoon and napkin (oryoki), sleeping bag (bed linen can be rented)