Zen Dojo Zürich


How large is the robe of freedom!
A field of joy beyond all forms.
Truthfully transmitted from Buddha to Buddha
directly received from ancestor to ancestor.
Not wide, yet not too tight.
Neither a robe nor its threads. Preserve it exactly as it is.
Then you can be called someone who holds his robe up high.


During the ango lasting from July 15th to July 22nd and the following summer pause the dojo will remain closed until August 6th. (Last zazen on Friday, July 13th at 6.30 am, first zazen on Tuesday, August 7th at 6.30 am).

In August there will be no zazen on Monday mornings nor on Tuesday evenings.

Because of planned renovation works, this information may change at short notice.

From September 1rst on the dojo will be open on regular basis.

We whish you a nice summer.


Shakuhachi-Konzert mit Riley Lee

Freitag, 6. Juli 2018, 19:00



The Zen summer camp, ANGO, takes place from Juli 15 until Juli 22 in Flüeli Ranft. It is directed by Eishuku Monika Leibundgut. Day of arrival is July 14 2018.

Further information on the flyer...       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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