Zen Dojo Zürich

The Zen Dojo Zürich was founded in 1975 by Taisen Deshimaru and belongs to the Soto lineage of the Zen tradition, which was founded in Japan during the thirteenth century by Master Dogen. As a Zen temple it carries the name of Muijo, “Fortress of Non-Fear”.

The dojo offers daily practice and teaching and is open to everybody who has a serious interest in practicing the way of the Buddha. The more, it organises summer camps, Sesshin, Zazen days and talks, as well as other activities which are related to the Zen practice, like Shiatsu, Calligraphy and Shakuhachi. The Dojo also publishes the ongoing teachings and translations of older texts.

There is an introduction to Zazen on every last Saturday of the month. On demand we also offer introductions for groups (school classes, students, adult education) as well as ceremonies of funeral service.

The Zen Dojo Zürich belongs to the Association Zen Internationale ( AZI ) founded by Master Taisen Deshimaru and is acknowledged by the Soto-Shu, the Japanese umbrella organisation.

Zen Dojo Zurich

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