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Zen Dojo Zurich

Sit persistently in zazen. Sitting in zazen is the foundation of the practice. It is good to practise for 35 years, to satisfy your hunger with a little food and to spare your senses. Close the door and sit down. Don't read sutras, don't have discussions with anyone. When you practise in this way, it is effective for the first time. Thus you become like a monkey enjoying the inside of a nut with pleasure. Very few accomplish the art of just sitting in zazen.


Dojo literally means “place of practice”. A Zen Dojo is a place where you can find back into stillness, into the simplicity of the present moment, it is an oasis in our intensely moved, complicated and noisy world. In the strong and harmonious atmosphere of the Dojo, the mutual influence of the practicing people on each other, as well as the elder practitioners’ presence support the individual practice, thus enabling us to realise an authentic practice in everyday life.

The Zen Dojo Zurich was founded in 1975 by Taisen Deshimaru and belongs to the Soto lineage of the Zen tradition, which was founded in Japan during the thirteenth century by Master Dogen. As a Zen temple it carries the name of Muijo, “Fortress of Non-Fear”. The Zen Dojo Zürich belongs to the Association Zen Internationale ( AZI ) founded by Master Taisen Deshimaru and is acknowledged by the Soto-Shu, the Japanese umbrella organisation.

The dojo offers daily practice and teaching and is open to everybody who has a serious interest in practicing the way of the Buddha. The more, it organises summer camps, Sesshin, Zazen days and talks, as well as other activities which are related to the Zen practice, like Shiatsu, Calligraphy and Shakuhachi. The Dojo also publishes the ongoing teachings and translations of older texts.

In the Zen Dojo Zurich it is possible to practice zazen at the times below: ( an introduction is required!)

Monday* through Friday 6:30–8:15
Tuesday & Thursday 19:00–20:30
Saturday 10:00–12:00

*) After a sesshin or zazen day, the dojo remains closed on Monday morning.

The zazen starts exactly at the announced time. Please arrive 10 minutes before the announced zazen time. During zazen it is not possible to enter or leave the dojo.

Every morning after zazen, a traditional ricesoup (genmai) is served in the dojo. On Saturday we have lunch together.


What is the meaning of our life? The meaning is to solve the problem of our existence. Although we have Buddha-nature, we have only been groping in the dark. Not to be fettered, neither by society nor by the ego, that is - I think - true freedom. This freedom, this is non-fear.

Kodo Sawaki