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For him who forgets the words in silence, reality comes clearly to light. He who attains quiet awakening belongs to our tradition.
Quiet awakening climbs right up to the highest peak and down to the lowest depth.
– Wanshi Shogaku

From the depths of the valley to the top of the mountain,
the wistful wail of cicadas resounds:
And again, a day has passed.
Eihei Dogen

Opening Hours in May

On the 1st May, the dojo is open.
On Monday, the 6th, the 13th, and Whit Monday, the 20th, the dojo remains closed.
On Ascension Day, the dojo is open in the morning, but remains closed in the evening.


The next introductions will take place on Saturdays, 23th March, 27th April, 25th May and 29th June 2024, each at 14:00.

The rapid stream does not carry away the moon.

The cosmic order is always there.