Zen Dojo Zürich

Sesshin to mark the Buddha’s Enlightenment

With Eishuku Monika Leibundgut

5th to 8th December 2020 in Flüeli-Ranft



Rôhatsu means literally, ‘the eighth day of the twelfth month.’ The 8th December is traditionally associated with the enlightenment of Shâkyamuni Buddha. On the morning of the eighth day of the twelfth month Shâkyamuni became enlightened and became a Buddha as he saw the morning star, having spent several weeks sitting in Zazen. 

To celebrate this historic moment, Rôhatsu-Sesshins take place every year in Zen temples around the world. 

On this intensive Sesshin there is only little teaching and Samu. The focus is entirely on Zazen. Everyone sits alone, by themselves, connected in harmony with the others. 

The Rohatsu-Sesshin will be led by Zen nun Eishuku Monika Leibundgut. She was a close disciple of Missen Michel Bovay, was his assistant for over 20 years and has been leading the Zen Dojo Zurich since his death, where she is supported by further disciples of Missen Michel Bovay. In May 2012 she received Dharma Transmission from Master Yuko Okamoto at Teishoji Temple in Japan. 

Se-shin, touching the mind.

The Sesshin is open to all. For this Sesshin it is preferable to stay from start to finish.

A Sesshin provides the opportunity to practise the Buddha-Way in the Sangha and to get to know oneself in a profound way. The Zen practice is based on Zazen, the posture of the Buddha. One sits on a Zafu (round cushion), the legs folded, the spine upright, the chin drawn in, the breath quiet and deep, and lets one’s thoughts pass by. 


The Sesshin begins on Friday 4th December with a dinner and ends on Tuesday 8th December at noon with a brunch together and Samu afterwards.


Jugendunterkunft Bruder Klaus, 6073 Flüeli-Ranft. 

Tel.: 041 660 98 98. Mob. Zen Dojo Zurich: 079 811 91 97


By email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., by post to Zen-Dojo Zürich, Rindermarkt 26, 8001 Zürich, or by phone at 0442618159 or mobile 0798119197


The youth hostel Bruder Klaus is outside the small village of Flüeli-Ranft, below Hotel Paxmontana, sitting directly on the Ranft Gorge. 

Train/Post bus: By rail to Sachseln (via Lucerne), from Sachseln the bus to Flüeli St. Dorothea, then take a left, 250 metres up the path. Pick up can be arranged. 

By car: On the A8 exit Sarnen Süd, towards Sachseln. In Sachseln turn left towards Flüeli-Ranft. At the entrance to the village turn left after the right turn, about 250 metres. 


CHF 270.- for teaching, accommodation and food.

Payable in advance to the Zen-Dojo Zürich: Acc. Nr. 5288-197954-11, 

Crédit Suisse 8021 ZH.

PC: 80-500-4

IBAN: CH80 0528 8019 7954 1100 0


Zafu, black Kimono or Kolomo, otherwise dark, comfortable clothes, Oryoki (bowl with spoon, serviette, and cloth), sleeping bag, sponge bag and towel. 


If you want to know who you were, then have a look at who you are. 

If you want to know who you will be, then have a look at what you do.


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