Zen Dojo Zürich


Sit in Zazen perseverantly. To sit in Zazen is the basis of the practice. It is good to practice for 35 years, to still one’s hunger with some food, and to spare one’s senses. Close the door and sit down. Do not read any sutras, do not discuss with anyone. If you practice in this way, it will be effective for the very first time. Then you become like the monkey, which enjoys the inner of a nut with great pleasure. Very few master the art of just and simply sitting in Zazen.


Dojo literally means “place of practice”. A Zen Dojo is a place where you can find back into stillness, into the simplicity of the present moment, it is an oasis in our intensely moved, complicated and noisy world. In the strong and harmonious atmosphere of the Dojo, the mutual influence of the practicing people on each other, as well as the elder practitioners’ presence support the individual practice, thus enabling us to realise an authentic practice in everyday life.

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